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Chickpea pasta

Chickpea pasta is a flavorful pasta made from simple raw materials, chickpea and water. Chickpea pasta contains a lot of proteins, fiber and slowly absorbed carbohydrates.

By adding Palmusto’s chickpea pasta products to your diet, you also make sustainable and ecological choices. Every choice matters!

Palmusto’s chickpea products

Palmusto’s chickpea pasta and noodles are good tasting and their consistency matches well-known wheat pasta. Our products are naturally vegan, gluten- and GMO-free. We don’t use preservatives or food additives at all.

Fill the pot with water, about 1,5 litres water per 200 grams product. Add the pasta to the boiling water and let the water boil. There may appear foam in the water, which is normal when cooking chickpea pasta. The chickpea’s protein causes the foam. The cooking time is four – six minutes, we recommend six minutes. Pour away the water. If you want, you can add olive oil to the product. Serve with a sauce of your choice.


Chickpea pasta and noodles can be used as a side dish for many different foods, from familiar tomato sauce pasta to more particular and exotic experiments.

Chickpea pasta tastes good and is an easy source of protein and fiber, that suits almost every diet! Palmusto’s chickpea pastas and KiK&GO meal solutions are suitable for everyone. Palmusto’s products are great treats, whether you follow a special diet or not. Our products are a must for athletes, vegans, people who follow a healthy diet and think responsibly. You don’t have to meet these requirements though to get all the health benefits of our products. Try and be delighted!

Our products are produced in Kaarina, outside of Turku. You find our chickpea pasta and noodles in well-stocked grocery stores.