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Frequently asked questions

K: Where can I buy Palmusto’s pasta and noodles?
V: You find Palmusto’s products in well-stocked grocery stores.


K: What do Palmusto’s products contain?
V: Palmusto’s products are produced from clean raw materials, chickpeas and water. They are completely free from food additives and unprocessed.


K: Are Palmusto’s pastas gluten free?
V: Yes, all Palmusto’s products are naturally gluten free.


K: Where are Palmusto’s products produced?
V: Our products are produced from clean raw materials in our production facility in Kaarina.


K: How long is the shelf life of Palmusto’s products?
V: One year from the production. See best before date on the package.


K: Can you serve the pasta and noodles cold?
V: Of course! They last well in the fridge because of their low starch content. You can use them in salads and other cold foods.


K: Why may there appear a white foam in the water while cooking the pasta/noodles?
V: The foam is a consequence of the high protein content. In boiling water products with a high protein content form a quickly rising white foam on the surface of the water. The effect is the same as when the egg white (protein) gets in the water when boiling eggs.


K: Why does the structure of noodles/pasta change when boiling?
V: The cooking time has been too long. In boiling water the cooking time has to be shorter than when simmering.